Sunday, November 7, 2010

Visit in MA.

Sometimes 3 weeks ago I went to Salem, MA to visit Tess once again. We had a lovely weekend filled with antiques, pumpkin tasting food and lots of pistachios eating while Sam drove us around all weekend. We quickly went to an estate sale where we found gorgeous early century linoleum and a few other bits, then we explored Antique Alley in NH on the Saturday. We also visited Esther, Dan and their unbelievably cute baby Leelee.

On Sunday, we woke up before the sun to catch up on habits that seems already established as a to-do when I visit: Todd Farm. As always, my trunk was full of amazing goodies to bring home, leading me to do a major clean up of my closet to be able to stash from of my new treasures in our tiny place. Later in the afternoon, Esther, Dan and Liam joined us for an afternoon reunion and a lentil soup. Elise also popped in for an hour and gifted me this extremely yummy pumpkin pastry and amazing bread I brought back home.


Sakura aka Beans

I really meant to take photos of Tess' place as it's extremely pretty. It was dark and cloudy most of the weekend so please bare with the darkness. This is all I ended up with  as I try to limit my shots when I use film cameras. I will come back for sure and will try my best at picking a sunny and wonderful day!

living room

Tess, Sam and Sakura aka Beans.

You should visit Tess' blog very soon since this is extremely soon-to-be an old version of their family portrait. It's going to improve in a few hours. Stay tuned!


  1. so happy to have discovered your blog today! we appear to share similar interests, and your photos are truly lovely.
    oh! and a very handsome kitty friend you have there!