Saturday, November 20, 2010


It’s been dark when I wake up in the morning, and as dark as I come back from work at night, making it harder and harder for me to take nice photographs. Since all the things I want to tell you guys about require photos, it’s been slow here. The ideas aren’t missing though, and I cannot wait to tell you about a few escapades and projects into the makings around here. It’s harder for me to blog on week nights as I am trying to keep up with tasks and relax a bit. During the day, I am in school with the kids and I have a busy schedule of 4 or 5 workshops a day, most of the days. So early morning weekends it is!


Until I can take photos and scan them, here is a quick fix of recent acquisitions. I’m especially crazy about this handwritten baby arrival letter dating 1923 I found in the tiny drawers of this fabric box. I am still waiting to hang these beautiful copper pots and pans my mom found at charity for 2 dollars each. She gave them to me as a part of my birthday present earlier in October. I recently added to my collection a beautiful copper kettle I still need to scrub inside. Some tiny aluminum particles can be found when I boil some water in it. This tiny folding chair was found at Todd Farm earlier this fall, and some bits of succulents I tried to salvage from a dying plant. The last picture isn’t new perfume, neither is the La Durée box, it’s just one of those “end of the roll” shot.

chair and plants

copper pots and pans

chloé + ladurée

I’m also facing a dilemma as I have a $60 gift certificate in a kitchen supply store. Should I splurge and take it as a rebate on a Creuset pot, or buy new cake molds and latté bowls? Those last two can easily be found antique and it makes it so hard for me to buy them new. On the other hand, spending 340$ on a Creuset makes me gasp!

Hope you have all a lovely weekend, I am off to have yummy eggs florentine with some friends for breakfast.


  1. Man, I love your photos! Those copper pots are so good, perfect for hanging. I say go with the Creuset, it's an investment ;)

  2. So funny Becka cause I took most of these to finish my roll when you guys were here! It's the day we went in the Old port and to the museum!

  3. Oh, I love that chair with the plants on. Beautiful !