Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter and holidays


I dreaded to visit malls this year in the holidays. Well, my experience today wasn't so bad. After stopping at Canadian Tire to buy Jeff's Christmas present, I went to a mall near a school I work at. Kids from 10-12 have been volunteering for the whole month, week nights and weekends and they are in charge of an "Arbre de Joie" (Tree of Joy) based on the story of a children book. Two teachers from that school were inspired from it and have been doing it for a few years now. They put a tree in the mall, collect present and when you do, you can light up a bulb in the tree. They get hundreds of gifts every year, destined to families who can't afford to buy presents for Christmas. As I knew I was going there, I picked up a nice soccer ball and gave it to an 11 years old boy named Ajmal. I hope you like your present, Ajmal. I'll be thinking of you on Christmas day.

Bec croisé bifacié /Two-barred Crossbill

winter is here

I'll be spending some parts of my vacations that are starting next Thursday at Jeff's parent's house, a 14 hours bus drive up north in Sept-Iles. I will be enjoying the boreal forest, the smell of the cold ocean and perhaps some soynog with a splash of rum by the fire. Exactly what I needed. Until then, I really like the blue light of winter, and I am still not bothered by snow showers just yet. In fact, I can't be happier about snowshoe season!

Snowshoes, this way!

The Fjord we have to cross to get to the other side of the road.

My scanner is broken so hopefully I get back with some new analog photos very soon.

Until then, please have safe, and happy holidays.

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